So the other day I decided to splurge on some skincare products because lately I’ve been slacking with my regimen, I went to the MONTAIGNE PLACE, which is a store that has variety of beauty products from makeup to skincare, they also have a spa somewhere in Victoria island as well.

I had a clear picture of what I wanted, I was going to buy a few MURAD products and even better they were on sale (I think they still are for Murad )… The store manager kept going on and on about this new skincare line that just launched in Lagos and how much she can vouch for it, she said she uses the brand and people who have tried these products have returned to purchase more. Her not so short tale work as  I got interested when she mentioned that they have a 15% discount on these products till the end of January.

You guys know sales are the best, I’m not even going to front  I love sales, so I went ahead and made my choice, they have a whole range, I can’t begin to  name cause it went all the way down to lip balms, Yes they have those as well.

Before I made my decision I went on youtube (my go to live box for all sorts of information) to research the brand because up until that day I had never heard of them. I searched the name of the products i wanted from their line and also if dark skinned women have used them, what their reviews about the products were. It was pretty interesting what came up, these products are plant based, who isn’t interested in using botanical products, not me. I got a few things, I’ll be trying them for a few weeks and hopefully when I do a Skincare Regimen video they’d be on the list of my go to skincare products, fingers crossed.

Check below to see what products made the cut in this skincare haul.








Please leave a comment down below if you’ve tried anything from this brand and also if you will be, make it a conversation, skincare is key!!!

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