Hey lovelies,

so just a little ”get to know me” before I dive into the order of the day since this will be the first time I’d be bringing you all into my world, I also would like you all to know that this is something I plan to do at least once a month.

What you should know about me? I’m a breakfast person, I legit can have a breakfast meal as breakfast, lunch and dinner, lol, I’m that huge on breakfast, like its that deep for me. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I never miss breakfast, I do trust me but I enjoy breakfast meals. Last week my friend brought up the idea of having breakfast together, she had a place in mind but the fast forward to this day I sort of cajoled her into going to a different place .

We went to HSE GOURMET  somewhere in Lekki, I had been there prior and loved their mini doughnuts, If I tell you something is good in the food department it is actually really good and I like to think of myself as an “OK” food critic.

My friend and I ordered our food and we got our glasses of coffee first as we both ordered the same coffee “Americano” , pretty basic coffee , a little glass cup filled with milk and the options of brown and white sugar. As a sweet tooth that I am, I added both white and brown sugar to my coffee, it didn’t take long before our food came.





I recently fell in love with croissant but I think I just feel deeper in love, the cinnamon stuffed crossaints from this place is heavenly, it had wipped cream and a dressing of strawberries. I absolutely enjoyed this breakfast  and I plan to go back soon enough.




Since I’m a very light eater this was supper filling, l hope you guys enjoyed this little chit chat.



Until next time. xoxo


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    07/03/2017 at 9:05 am

    I like this. Keep it up. Chat you up later.

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