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A couple of weeks ago my face was going through something I couldn’t even explain in simple english, I traveled to Warri for a bridal job and came back to lagos with bad skin. I  mean, I don’t know exactly what it was that triggered it but all I can say is that my face started having red rashes all over, it wasn’t  smooth, extremely bumpy and automatically I started to panic because that is usually the next order of the day for me.

Although, I had been really lazy with my skin regimen  such that I didn’t buy new products or even repurchase the things I’d normally use on my face, for example I ran out of the face toner that I was using and I just couldn’t be bothered about buying a new one. These things happen you know, when you feel like your skin is the best place possible that you just feel you can do without a product for  a couple of  weeks, lol, I’m definitely not the only one this happens to.

This last experience definitely taught me not to slack on a regimen I have chosen to follow when it comes to my skin because I honestly don’t like bad skin, I mean no one does.

In the bid to get a solution I decided to fill in the gaps, which meant buying all the things that I had stopped using and they included, a moisturizer, black soap and a face toner.

For the sake of this post I’ll be focusing on this moisturizer:

YVES ROSHER : Zero Blemish Gel Cream

What it claimed to do before I bought it:

I never buy anything without doing proper research, its very important to do that especially with skincare products. So  according to what I saw online the Zero Blemish Gel Cream, absorbs excess sebum and minimizes pores. It is enriched with Baikal Powder, recognized for its rebalancing virtues, this gel cream smoothes imperfections and hydrates combination or oily skin for a full 24 hours*. It also smoothens skin texture immediately, makes Complexion visibly even, fresh and flawless.

My review

I really like what this gel does to my skin, everything it says it would do it definitely did. My skin is combination and sometimes it gets really oily but I’ve noticed that ever since I started using this moisturizer the oiliness reduced tremendously. I apply this on my face day and night after washing, cleansing and toning with other products.

Finally, I’ll most certainly be using this product again and I feel like it is going to be in my skincare regimen for a long time.

Buy this product: 

You can get this product at the montaigne place in Lagos or on their site.

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