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I woke up one morning and like I almost always do after morning prayers went online, instagram to be precise, lol don’t judge, and I came across a post about the Lagos fashion weekend and the various international makeup artists that they invited to come to Nigeria for the two day event.

There were a few masterclasses I had already signed up for but then I saw a new face from the faces I had been seeing all along on Instagram, the renowned international celebrity makeup artist SAMFINE was going to be in Nigeria.



Guys if you don’t know, he is a big deal in the makeup industry, I mean this guy has been doing makeup for over 20 years and he started from the counter, working on different skin types, colors and face shapes, how much experience do you think he has, duhhhhhh a fountain of knowledge in this field, you should all know that he is someone I’ve admired from afar and to have him in Nigeria, I just knew I had to attend.

I contacted BUKKY, you all know the founder/owner of  THE BOBBY TAYLOR COMPANY which is a top PR company in Nigeria, I was just busy asking about the GTBANKFASHIONWEEKEND and his master class for the event only for BUKKY to say, ” I WANT YOU TO ATTEND THE MAC MASTER CLASS WITH SAMFINE”, I screamed because I had no idea there was an exclusive masterclass. See how I was asking for a piece of meat and I got a whole cow, its that big of a deal, I wasn’t done being excited about it when I got a mail from BUKKY inviting me to the event which I RSVP’d immediately, I was elated to say the least.




Fast forward to the event day, the master class started and  was amazing y’all, he took our questions and tried to  cover almost everything, there was food and champagne and a selected number of top makeup artists and beauty bloggers in Nigeria attended, Banke meshida of BMPRO, Labisi of FACES BY LABISI whom I hadn’t seen in a year plus, it was so nice to see her, David of DAVESUCRE, the ever so loving LOLA MAJA and a few others.

I learnt a lot, I mean its always a good idea to watch experienced makeup artists do makeup and teach about it so as to refresh our skills and make a few tweaks or even try out their techniques and see if it works for you. I wasn’t able to get great pictures from the event but I must say it was amazing, he also signed a copy of his dvd titled FINE THE BASICS OF BEAUTY and gave to each one of us.




Special thanks to BUKKY for inviting me, to SAMFINE for being such an inspiration and also passing on so much knowledge as well as reminding us of what is important when it comes to beauty, to MAC COSMETICS Nigeria for putting it all together.

PS. We all got a goodie bag.



GHOSTE : The Valentine Issue

GHOSTE : The Valentine Issue

I had the opportunity of working back stage with an amazing crew a couple of days ago. It was a photoshoot for GHOSTE MAGAZINE’s Valentine issue Aka “The sex issue” which features Ik Ogbonna, who is one of Nigeria’s finest Actor, Model and Tv personality and his very sexy wife Sonia Ogbonna.

This duo are arguably one of Nigeria’s sexiest couple, find out more on what keeps their love burning via enjoy!!!

Photography: @paulukonu

Makeup: @ani_stephanie

Styled by: Ghoste Team