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Its been over six months since I last took stock, there’s not a lot going on with me at the moment but I’m going to do this anyways.

Somethings we are too busy thinking about what happened in the past, all the chaos and things we really want to do in the farther or nearest future that we forget to live in the moment. If you haven’t seen the first one the click on this link to check it out TAKING STOCK ONE .

Lets start with what I’m doing right now, I’m in bed as I type these words.

Making: a list of all the thing I need to do this month, mostly mostly centered around work.


Taking: work more seriously than I ever have, I’ve realized that this is what I live for and getting the opportunity to do what I love shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Eating: out still, I remember that I said in my previous stock that I’d start cooking my meals and reduce my fast food intake, this is definitely in the works, trust me I’m working on it especially since I need to step up my saving game.


Drinking: more water than ever, because I haven’t been on the healthiest diet, I’m making a conscious effort to drink more water than anything else.


Reading:  Smart Money Woman , saving money, spending less and living reasonably below my income has been all that I’ve been talking about these past few weeks, my friend Ray sent me a copy of the book and I’ve been reading it for the past week, I love it so far, it is very relatable and has easy little messages and guidelines on how to live smart with money.


Wanting: to go on a holiday like yesterday, I’m legitimately  at that point where I just need a break from the chaos that is LIFE, I’m also very aware that i’ll feel this way for at least the next two years and by then i’ll be long overdue for a vacation. I mean, I could go now and regret it later but this year is about making smart choices especially with money.


Wasting: no time in taking reasonable risks, sometimes you just have to jump on it, take that risk and do it afraid because most of the time it ends up paying off.

Creating: new makeup looks, lately I’ve been following quite the number of creatives on social media and constantly seeking inspiration from these people. I’m loving how I’m pushing myself to create more bold eye makeup looks than the subtle looks I’d usually opt to create because I know I can be creative I just can’t be lazy about creating.


Wishing: I can achieve my 5 year goals in 1 year, lol, if you’ve seen my post about 30 things I want to do before I’m 30 which is only a fraction of my goals… I know I’m an over achiever and that can be exhausting because I tend to put so much pressure on myself, like I’m doing at the moment but I just wish it can all happen at once.


Enjoying: the weather lately, its raining season in Nigeria and its been raining quite alone leaving everywhere really cool, it gets sunny but not the usual unbearable kind.


Playing: I don’t wanna  by Zayn and Taylor Swift, there’s just something I love about this song. I’m also listening to this marsh up/remix version of  ” I hate you, I love you” from Fifty Shades Darker (don’t judge) I’m just being honest.


Loving: my new set up for youtube videos, I just like how it looks behind me whenever I make videos. What I also love is the fact that I can move things around and change the items on the floating shelf.


Hoping: that I don’t stay in bed all day today.


Maveling: at how much I’ve been able to do in just 2 days.


Smelling: fried plantain, lol, my 14 years old kid brother cooks. He’s currently making dodo.


Wearing: a grey pajamas pant and a grey tank top.


Following: a larger number of creatives on social media because staying motivated and seeking inspirations never gets old in this creative world that I’m in.


Noticing: I’m getting better at managing my time and also planning as well as executing, the execution part is not exactly where I want it to be yet but there’s definitely progress.


Feeling: very grateful for the past 6 months, most especially the last 2 months, it has been overwhelming with love, growth on so many levels and areas of my life and I know that it can only be GOD my heavenly father doing all these good works in my life. I’m also very thankful for all the things he has promised me that I’m just waiting to come to fruition.


Bookmarking:  plugins for Final Cut Pro, looking for new ways to make my content even better for YouTube. If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel you should right away, heres a link  STEPHANIE ANI


Opening: my phone everytime a message pops up, it is always on vibrate so I know when notifications come in, lol if you know me you’d know that nothing passes me by most of the time.


Giggling: at this photo I just saw on Instagram.



Travel to a surreal destination 

ok, so I’m a traveler, an inner traveler… yes!!! Even thought I haven’t yet started to explore this side of me I know I’m going to do lots and lots of traveling in this lifetime of mine. Going to a surreal destination like The Tulip fields in the Netherlands  is something I’d like to do in the next four years, there are quite a number of places but I guess one place checks this off the list.

Attend Coachella

Whoever knows me know that I’m obsessed with music and the Coachella arts and music festival is on this list because I’d like to attend this weekend event within the next four years, I have time right ?

Dine at one of the world’s best restaurants

I’ve heard so many  stories about world renowned restaurants and how for some, you have to book a reservation months before, even up to three months before, there are a few restaurants like this and Mugaritz is one of them, I love how organized the whole reservation process is on their website as well as how detailed. I am such a foodie, my taste bud was literally created for food and flavors.

Cook a huge meal and host my closest friends

This has been on my mind for the longest time and I’ve not been able to do it so I decided to put a timeline to it , thats why I  added it to this list so that I can check that of my mind, lol… less things to think about.

Go sky diving

So I have phobia for height and this year I made a decision to go out of my comfort zone as well as defeat all my fears, I believe sky diving opens you up somehow especially when you are afraid of height, honestly can’t wait to do this.

Throw myself a huge birthday party

I love birthdays, I don’t even joke around when it comes to birthdays, the celebrations, the love from friends and family and even strangers. Throwing a huge party has always been on my mind and I can already see me doing this very soon, maybe next year!

Travel with 5 of my closest friends 

A trip with a group of my close friends sounds like fun and I’m so here for this, it doesn’t have be exotic but the idea of leaving our original locations as I have friends in different area codes lol, being in a different country all at once in each other’s space is interesting to look forward to.

Climb a mountain kill my phobia

This is a Must for me!!!

Go somewhere by myself

A trip alone is something I see myself doing a lot but I need to do it soon because I’ve had all these things to do since my early twenties and I’ve not done a number of them, putting a timeline to it is something I hope will help me in executing each one of them,

Eat something weird

hahaha, honestly  if I had a food blog it will probably be called “Stephanie Ani the food explorer” because I’m one to try out new food cause I’m an adventurous eater, I’d love to try out a weird dish someday.

Host a bonfire party

At the beach, food, drinks, dark atmosphere, the stars, friends and a huge fire, just picture this. The closest I was to experiencing a bonfire party was NYSC camp in Lagos but for some reason the bonfire night was cancelled and that sort of made me sad cause I was looking forward  to it. I honestly hope I’m able to pull this off here in Lagos.

Splurge on an item

The entreprenuer life is one that makes you almost forget about yourself because you have a baby (business) you really want to grow but I’ve decided to splurge on something expensive before I’m 30, maybe a nice wrist watch or a handbag could be a CHANEL BAG or CELINE BAG, been eyeing these two for the longest time, I sincerely don’t know what it will be but let see what happens.

Start mentoring someone

It is actually not too early to be a mentor, I always just tell myself that I’m not there yet but in all honesty once you start getting messages, emails from younger people asking questions and needing guidance then you are  actually there, I hope I’m able to give someone my time soon enough.

Learn how to play tennis

This has been a long time coming and something keeps pulling me back, first it was how expensive it was to acquire a full kit, then prioritizing and now that I have a racket which is the most important tool I don’t have an excuse anymore. I found myself a coach a few days ago and also found a court that isn’t too far from my house, I’m going to start learning how to play tennis, yay!!! I’m so excited about this one.

Log out of life (social media, phone calls, emails, everything ) for 24 hours

I need at least  72 hours break from life and I’d pick a day to log out of everything.

Go to Paris with a person of interest (someone that has my attention )

I usually say that the first time I go out of Nigeria would be with a person of interest but that isn’t coming through and I’m not getting younger so I’ve left Paris for the Bae , whenever he decides to come around I’d like to visit Paris with him, its a little bit sentimental for me.

Grow a very green garden

I am obsessed with plants so much that I can become friends with you once you love plants as well, you only just need to say ‘I love plants’, lol!!! I only own two pots which initially started with one pot, I had to learn to be patient and also care for it before I got the second one, once I’m able to add another I will and hopefully it can become a garden before I’m 30.

Host a charity event, or do something for a good cause

My friend Ify and I have something we’ve been taking about relating to this, I want it to be perfect and elaborate she doesn’t  think it has to be but hopefully together we can decide on how best to execute this , it is definitely not one to overlook.

Read more books, set a reading goal

I use to read a lot, a lot but my reading habit kind of dropped once I started the entreprenuer life. I had a 9-5 job and always had a book in my bag, I honestly don’t remember what changed in me but I need to start again so I’m setting a reading goal and it is to read for an hour everyday. I’m making this an everyday thing and it shouldn’t be long enough till I get back into my reading culture.

Build my brand

I hope and pray my brand grows bigger within the next four years but I know I need to put in a lot of extra effort.

Own shares

Its really good to have various investments to fall back on and buying shares is something I’d like to do.

Buy food and drink for a stranger at a restaurant or fast food 

To be very honest, I’ve always wanted to be the stranger that disappears after paying someone’s bill, just leaving whoever it is wondering who and also feeling blessed.

Make a “before I turn 40” list

lol. before I do this I’m going to do a respond, checking all the things I was able to do on this list but I’m definitely  going to do a Before 40 list.

Register my business

I already did this and the reason why it is here is because I wrote this list a while ago and only completed it in January, so I’m ticking this off.

Buy myself a car

Need to get myself a car as I do not have one, I must say its extremely difficult surviving without it but I don’t want a fairly used car and I have expensive taste for my pockets if you know what that means, so yea… soon.

Do Free makeup for a special bride on her wedding day

I think this will come as a giveaway when I hit 10k followers on Instagram but whatever I decide I’m definitely doing a free bridal makeup for a bride.

Buy a plot of land

I initially wasn’t thinking about this but my friend was reading this list a while ago and asked to add this, I still feel its a lot to do but Its not a bad thing to put goals down right? Thats the whole point of this.

Ride a jet ski

This was on the list but I already learned how to ride one, I think it was 2016 a day after my 25th birthday my friends invited me to the beach with a a crew of jet ski riders, it was a fun day especially because I ended up learning how and also got to ride one by myself.

Learn a foreign language

I honestly want to learn how to speak Spanish.

Go back to school

I know, I know the last time I ever studied for something like an exam was in 2012 which was for my Bsc final examinations. A part of me has always wanted to go back to school maybe get an Msc or Mba but the logical side of me thinks its almost a waste of money, time and energy but this doesn’t stop me from learning something right? In the next few months I’ll decide what I want to do and this will probably be a short course on something related to what I already do. I’m excited about the idea because I’m of the school of thought that says you (should) never stop learning.