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Its been over six months since I last took stock, there’s not a lot going on with me at the moment but I’m going to do this anyways.

Somethings we are too busy thinking about what happened in the past, all the chaos and things we really want to do in the farther or nearest future that we forget to live in the moment. If you haven’t seen the first one the click on this link to check it out TAKING STOCK ONE .

Lets start with what I’m doing right now, I’m in bed as I type these words.

Making: a list of all the thing I need to do this month, mostly mostly centered around work.


Taking: work more seriously than I ever have, I’ve realized that this is what I live for and getting the opportunity to do what I love shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Eating: out still, I remember that I said in my previous stock that I’d start cooking my meals and reduce my fast food intake, this is definitely in the works, trust me I’m working on it especially since I need to step up my saving game.


Drinking: more water than ever, because I haven’t been on the healthiest diet, I’m making a conscious effort to drink more water than anything else.


Reading:  Smart Money Woman , saving money, spending less and living reasonably below my income has been all that I’ve been talking about these past few weeks, my friend Ray sent me a copy of the book and I’ve been reading it for the past week, I love it so far, it is very relatable and has easy little messages and guidelines on how to live smart with money.


Wanting: to go on a holiday like yesterday, I’m legitimately  at that point where I just need a break from the chaos that is LIFE, I’m also very aware that i’ll feel this way for at least the next two years and by then i’ll be long overdue for a vacation. I mean, I could go now and regret it later but this year is about making smart choices especially with money.


Wasting: no time in taking reasonable risks, sometimes you just have to jump on it, take that risk and do it afraid because most of the time it ends up paying off.

Creating: new makeup looks, lately I’ve been following quite the number of creatives on social media and constantly seeking inspiration from these people. I’m loving how I’m pushing myself to create more bold eye makeup looks than the subtle looks I’d usually opt to create because I know I can be creative I just can’t be lazy about creating.


Wishing: I can achieve my 5 year goals in 1 year, lol, if you’ve seen my post about 30 things I want to do before I’m 30 which is only a fraction of my goals… I know I’m an over achiever and that can be exhausting because I tend to put so much pressure on myself, like I’m doing at the moment but I just wish it can all happen at once.


Enjoying: the weather lately, its raining season in Nigeria and its been raining quite alone leaving everywhere really cool, it gets sunny but not the usual unbearable kind.


Playing: I don’t wanna  by Zayn and Taylor Swift, there’s just something I love about this song. I’m also listening to this marsh up/remix version of  ” I hate you, I love you” from Fifty Shades Darker (don’t judge) I’m just being honest.


Loving: my new set up for youtube videos, I just like how it looks behind me whenever I make videos. What I also love is the fact that I can move things around and change the items on the floating shelf.


Hoping: that I don’t stay in bed all day today.


Maveling: at how much I’ve been able to do in just 2 days.


Smelling: fried plantain, lol, my 14 years old kid brother cooks. He’s currently making dodo.


Wearing: a grey pajamas pant and a grey tank top.


Following: a larger number of creatives on social media because staying motivated and seeking inspirations never gets old in this creative world that I’m in.


Noticing: I’m getting better at managing my time and also planning as well as executing, the execution part is not exactly where I want it to be yet but there’s definitely progress.


Feeling: very grateful for the past 6 months, most especially the last 2 months, it has been overwhelming with love, growth on so many levels and areas of my life and I know that it can only be GOD my heavenly father doing all these good works in my life. I’m also very thankful for all the things he has promised me that I’m just waiting to come to fruition.


Bookmarking:  plugins for Final Cut Pro, looking for new ways to make my content even better for YouTube. If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel you should right away, heres a link  STEPHANIE ANI


Opening: my phone everytime a message pops up, it is always on vibrate so I know when notifications come in, lol if you know me you’d know that nothing passes me by most of the time.


Giggling: at this photo I just saw on Instagram.